Vango Cruz Footprint

Cruz Footprint

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Protect your tent or awning groundsheet by adding a Vango Footprint to your camping essentials. They are easy to remove and clean and will provide protection from small tears and prevent holes caused by stones. An invaluable addition to extend the life of your tent or awning. All of our footprints are cut to the shape of your tent so it can also help you choose the perfect pitching site for your tent.

- Marks out intended pitching position. Easy to move about before rolling tent out to pitch
- Protects the groundsheet of your tent from stones, thorns and other hazards
- Keeps tent or awning groundsheet clean, Easier to pack up camp and saves cleaning tent
- Uses durable 100% PE construction that will last and is easy to clean
- Folds away into compact carry bag, Easy to transport and helps to keep tent clean
- Each footprint is designed to be slightly shorter than the tent floorplan, to stop water from collecting underneath

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