Lumo LED24 Rotalite

Lumo LED24 Rotalite

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Elegant and innovative, this switch operated caravan light unit has a rotating LED barrel that allows you direct the light source where it is most needed. Hard wearing, the Rota Lite is an ideal under-shelf fitting. Alternatively, it's perfect for general lighting and with a low consumption of only 2W, it's a very efficient light source too.

The incredibly bright LEDs used in this caravan light, offer an extremely long life, combined with a low power consumption. LEDs provide a vibration resistant, durable light source and the efficient design results in safe, cool to the touch surfaces.

An ideal light for most leisure vehicle interiors, including caravans and mobile homes.

Wattage: 2W LED
Voltage: 10-14V dc only
Consumption: <250mA
Lamp: 1W White LED
Light Output: >40lm
Construction: Plastic body
Approvals CE

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