Puri Sol 300ml

Cleans, Purifies, Eliminates Tastes and Odours in Water Tanks and Water Systems Formulation is a unique synergistic blend of chlorine dioxide and powerful cleaning components

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Product Description
  • Cleans and Purifies water Tanks
  • Removes BioFilms
  • Kills Micro-organisms
  • Elimiates Tastes and Odours

Once inside a water system, bacteria obtain nutrients to grow on inner surfaces secreting a protective matrix bio-film which cannot be penetrated by most biocides.

PuriSol will lift the bio-film, kill the bacteria underneath and eradicate tastes and odours

PuriSol should be used to purify a water system at the beginning and end of each season and whenever there is a build up of unpleasant tastes and odours

When adding fresh water to the tank use only Aqua Sol to treat the water

Triple Action

  • Cleans water systems, tank, pipes, pump, taps
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi, cysts, and bacteria biofilm
  • Eliminates Tastes and Odours from iron, manganese and other metallic's phenols, trichlorophenols, hydrogen sulphides and sulphides

300ml Bottle Treats up to 250 litre Tank

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