Thetford Aqua Rinse 400ml

Thetford Aqua Rinse 400ml

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The famous pink toilet fluid for daily use that keeps the flush water fresh and ensures that your toilet flushes effectively. Aqua Rinse prevents deposits from forming in the bowl and promotes easier opening and closing of the toilet blade.

Awarded the Dutch eco-label Milieukeur and the German eco-label Der Blaue Engel

Way to use:
1. Add Aqua Rinse to the flush-water tank before filling the tank with water.
2. Dose 100ml per 15L flush-water tank capacity to ensure optimal performance of the toilet

- Provides a more effective flush
- Keeps the flush water fresh
- Leaves a protective film in the bowl that prevents deposit from forming
- The lubrication action makes the blade of the waste-holding tank easier to open and close
- Awarded with environmental certificate Milieukeur (Dutch seal) and Der Blauer Engel (German seal)


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