Truma Aquastar 3

Transforms water into drinking water. For water sterilisation and preservation

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Although beautiful locations, many sites in the southern and eastern regions of Europe cannot always offer perfect-quality drinking water. Contaminated pipelines or hoses also pose a health risk when filling containers with water.

AquaStar 3 uses active oxygen to inactivate bacteria and germs within just one hour
• Uses silver ions to protect water against contamination, algae and bad smells for up to 6 months

Silver ions fill receptors in microorganism cells and block the metabolic processes that are essential for their survival. This renders the bacteria and germs harmless. If used regularly, the silver ions attach themselves to the container walls and prevent germ regrowth.


Aquastar 3
Product form Liquid
Contents 1 x30ml
Dosage 30ml / 50L
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