Vango Sunbeam Lighting System

Vango Sunbeam Lighting System

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The Sunbeam is the ultimate light system for tents and awnings. Offering 4 lights, producing 450 lumens, the Sunbeam provides a warm light and comes equipped with a switch, just like your lights at home, and a remote control for easy use. The LED lights are impact resistant and versatile, wherever you want to place them.

   - Handled carry bag - Provides easy transportation to and from the campsite
   - On & off switch - switch the light on or off just like your lights at home
   - Remote control - control your lighting easily from a distance
   - 12V-2A UK Adapter/EU Plug supplied
   - Supplied with two 2.4m extension cables
   - Supplied with two 5.0m extension cables
   - Provides a warm lighting effect
   - DC adaptor included - Charge from in-car cigarette lighter
   - Supplied with ten short and ten long touch fastener straps for attaching the lights to your tent or awning
   - Light splitter - 3-way splitter allows lights to be used in different rooms
   - Provides 450 lumens of light

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