Campingaz Twister® Plus

Campingaz Twister® Plus

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A compact, single burner stove ideal for easy transportation and storing during outdoors pursuits. The Twister Plus runs off Campingaz CV valve cartridges which can be quickly and easily connected or detached – even when they are not empty. Featuring wide pan supports to increase stability and a heat screen to protect the control knob during use, the Twister Plus is also fitted with Campingaz Easy Clic technology for effortless, one click connection every time.

◦ Heat screen to protect the knob
◦ Power: 2,900 watt
◦ Boil time: 3min 45sec (1 litre)
◦ Weight: 263g
◦ Runtime:
  1h on CV270 Plus
  1h 10min on CV300 Plus
  2h on CV470 Plus

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