Fibreglass Poles

Fibreglass poles offer a cost effective way to create the structure of a tent or awning, they are compact, light and relatively cheap. If fibreglass poles come under too much strain or bend too far they can fracture, pole breakages can happen for many reasons, the most common cause is over straining the poles when pitching your tent/awning but they can also be damaged in bad weather if the tent is not erected correctly or correctly guyed out. It is important to keep in mind the following.

  • When pitching your tent or awning always be careful not to over strain the poles.
  • Make sure the pole sections are all correctly connected in to each other.
  • Guy your tent or awning out correctly

If your fibreglass pole gets damaged they are very easy to repair, you can replace the individually sections of fibreglass poles which we sell online and instore, they come in a range of diameters and you simply cut them to length.

Fibreglass Pole Repair Instructions

Fibreglass poles are made up of a number of sections and an elasticated cord. The cord runs through each section and is simply knotted at either end.

1. Untie the knot at the end of the pole.
2. Remove the sections one at a time until you reach the section that needs to be replaced (when it is time to re-assemble the pole it is important that the sections are put back in the same order).
3. Measure the section which is to be replaced (the new section will need to be cut to length). Cut the new section to the length measured. We would recommend using a small hacksaw. Once cut, the end should be filed smooth.
4. Re-thread the cord back through the sections and tie a knot at the end.

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