Vango Aurora Double Sleeping Bag

As we are returning to camping after a long break we have had to start from scratch with all the gear we needed. For me a good night’s sleep can make or break a camping trip so good sleeping bags were a priority. As usual I had a good look at the gear on display at Charles Camping and then checked reviews in Camping magazines and online. I knew we would only be camping from May to September so we didn’t need sleeping bags that could cope with an Antarctic expedition but I really like my comforts so I was willing to invest in good quality.

In the end we chose the Vango Aurora. It’s a three season bag (-1 to 18⁰C) so it can easily cope with our seasonal camping. It has a polycotton outer shell and 100% cotton lining which has a lovely feel. We chose the blue version, with plain blue outer shell and checked lining, but it also comes in the typical Vango green and a beige colour which matches well with the Vango polycotton tents.

Initially we thought the double size might be a bit small so started with two Grande bags. These are a really good size and give you plenty of room to move around. We now have a double though and the size is perfect so we now prefer that to the two grandes.

The main plus points for me :

  • The fabric, both the outer shell and the cotton liner feel very luxurious and there is none of the “slippery” feel I remember from nylon sleeping bags in the past.

  • An added bonus, that I only found after we’d used the bags for the first time, is the matching pillow cases. (1 with each of the grandes and 2 with the double)

  • The baffle (to stop you “finding” the cold zip in the night!) is chunky enough to work and doesn’t get caught in the zip.

  • The outer shell is easy to wipe clean – our dogs jumped on the bed with muddy paws (of course!) and it was very easy to wipe off their paw prints with just a damp cloth.

  • The Aurora is really, really cosy! I was lovely and warm throughout the night.

  • The zips run smoothly and didn’t get snagged.

  • If you want, you can turn the double into two singles so it’s very versatile.


The only slight negative for me was with the Grandes. We use two Vango XL camp beds pushed together to make a large double. With the two grande sleeping bags one person has to have the zip facing the middle of the bed so it’s harder to get in and out. With the double the two zips, one each side, solve the problem and as it has turned out to have plenty of room we definitely prefer it.

We are definitely pleased that we chose the Vango aurora. They’re great quality, the fabric and zips both feel like they are built to last, and they’re very cosy. The Aurora definitely passes the “good night’s sleep test” and I’m sure they will last for many years of happy camping trips.


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